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February 12, 2010 – Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

Day 3 –  This is definitely an old hotel… when my neighbour fired up his shower this morning at 5:30am, that was it for my sleep.  The pipes actually shake in the walls and the water running makes a loud hissing sound. Fun…

My room is on the 20th floor… here is the view.

I met up with Jiri and Jakub at 7am and walked down to Denman street and waited for the torch.  They shot some interviews with the fans.  This section of the Relay definitely had WAY more police and security then the ones I saw over the past couple of weeks.  They were on foot, on motorcycles, in cars, on bikes… and even on horses!  Just awesome!

Then headed to the IBC with Jaromir Bauer where we planned out the day. Then off to the Czech House along with Jiri Smutny, who is the sound engineer.  We setup our interview area, lights, sound mixer, mics, camera…

A press conference and official opening of the house took place with the Czech Republice Premier, Jan Fischer.

This followed with three interview sessions with each of the three Czech Team athletes that were there. All great guys. Couple of figure skaters and one luge.

We got to join them for a buffet lunch.   Then back to the IBC…. hmm, I get the feeling that we’ll be driving that Hastings Stretch quite a bit.. 🙂

When I return from any shoot, I give the XD-Cam disk with the fresh footage we shot, to one of the tech guys and they immediately play it back and in real time it gets recorded in full High Definition, in the Czech TV studio in Prague. It’s all done with fiberoptic and it’s all hard wired into the Broadcast Center. Then the footage gets edited in Prague.  Some of the vignettes are being edited here in Vancouver by Jiri.  But he is their only local editor.  They also have a direct audio link to the studio, so they can talk back and forth and the quality is amazing.  It is all amazing technology.

The day ended with another drive back to the Czech House, where about six of us watched the Opening Ceremonies that was live from BC Place Stadium. I was hoping to be there and see it, but only a couple people from the crew got to go. All the video feeds from there were done by the host broadcaster, CTV.   It was pretty neat as we were watching the Czech TV HD feed from Prague.. all with the Czech translation and commentary.

My friend Lionel was involved with the special-effect team at BC Place and has been working there setting it all up since the beginning of January. It was really neat to send some texts back and forth with him while he was there tonight.  He said the energy was just electrifying!  Wow.. must have been amazing.. and it was! I though it was really well done.   All of us there were trying to figure out how the projection onto the floor was done… from below?..from above? A text to Lionel, and we had the answer.  Any guesses?

Any any guesses how tall those four statues were at the beginning?  It was also neat to hear these Czech TV guys, many of whom have been to many other Olympic games in the past, and listen to them compare this Ceremony to the others.  They were genuinely surprised and impressed how nice and well done it was.  And how it was a ‘story’… not just a big show.  Pretty cool!



  1. Kool technology!

    I’d guess it was projected from below…and the statues were 137 meters in height.

    • From above and 40 feet… how’d you come up with 137? Funny guy! 😉

  2. hey, 0 for 2 isn’t bad. figured i’d get a reaction with that post.

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