Posted by: janvozenilek | February 20, 2010

February 15, 2010 – Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

Day 7 – Had the morning off so went with Jennifer and the boys to Art Gallery where they have the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit and the BC Pavilion.  The lineup was about half hour and it was worth the wait.

Then we had lunch with our friends Albert and Ellen and their girls Audrey and Sophia at Red Robins.  I wasn’t supposed to start till 2pm today, but then during lunch the phone rang and the schedule got moved up, so I had to leave pretty quick.
Got picked up at the hotel and off to the IBC. We were about to do the interview and we realized that we left our batteries, the were empty last night, on the charger at the Czech House. And there were no other ones left at the IBC.  So we couldn’t do the interview afterall, and it ended up being done by another crew later in the afternoon.

It wasn’t until our next visit to the IBC, that we realized, that we are in a room of hundreds of broadcasters, with offices all next to each other, and most use the same style of battery for these larger cameras, and we could have easily gone next door to the Swedish or UK BBC guys and asked to borrow one for a few minutes.   We laughed at how obvious that seems, but none of us thought of it.

Here are a few pics of the convention floor of the IBC.  It is completely filled with offices. They are all regular sized rooms, fully framed and with unfinished drywall. Some are significantly bigger then others depending on the size of the crews. Some have full studio sets built right into them.  Ours is pretty small with four rooms.  The far back one is where some of the commentators record the commentary and thus has a big window and is padded with foam for better sound quality.

And our office…

The whole area is just massive and goes on and on.  It is quite amazing that all of this was build in there for this 3 week event and once over, will all be dismantled. I sure hope all that drywall and wood will get reused again.

Here is a top view of one of the security entrances to the IBC.

And here are some photos inside the Media Center, in Canada Place.  This place is for all the press and photographers.  Long tables are setup all over the place with ethernet connections and power so that they can all offload their cameras.  It is so neat to see these guys carry around their giant $10,000 + lenses. They are huge!

There is a food court with a McDonalds.  One thing I haven’t been able to find here is any juice or at least pop, that isn’t in a plastic bottle.  I’ve asked a few places and it it ALL in plastic.  Even McD’s had to remove thier regular fountain drinks off the menu and offer their drinks in bottles. Sad!

Across the water is the IBC. Each of the white tens is an open back studio, where different broadcasters do their live news and update feeds. They are setup this way to have a great unobstructed backdrop of Canada Place.

After lunch, Jennifer and the boys headed back to the Greyhound bus station and headed back home. They arrived around 9pm.

I then headed out around the IBC and took some photos of the Olympic Cauldron.

The live HD remote camera that is filming the Flame (below shot) , which is often seen in the live broadcasts. It even has it’s own wiper blade… so cool!

The rest of the day was spent at the Czech House where we did three interviews.  We once again had to rebuild our set. We hope it will now finally stay where it is.  We wrapped at about 11pm.


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