Posted by: janvozenilek | February 20, 2010

February 17, 2010 – Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

Day 9 – Had the morning off today so we decided to head to the North Shore. I took Jaromir to Lynn Canyon, the Cleveland Dam, Horseshoe Bay and Lighthouse Park. It was a beautiful day today so it worked out perfect.

Even in the pristine canyon, there is plastic!!

Then we headed to the IBC to shoot some footage of our team at work in the office. This footage was to go into a short story that is airing tonight, about the Czech TV delegation that came through the office yesterday. A couple of the top guys from the network came for the official inspection, and during their interview, commented how they are proud that the team of 20 people from Czech TV are doing as much work as some of the teams of 200 people from the other network. His comments made the team quite proud. 🙂

Then shot what they call a stand-up.. a talking head interview of one of the main guys there, summarizing the day. This airs daily.  We shot it while the sun was setting against the mountains and it looked great. Only part was that we didn’t have a tripod as we left it at the Czech House, and our interviewee must have done almost 20 takes to get it right… so it went loooong and go pretty tiring to hand hold the camera.

Then we found out the evening is free as no athletes were coming tonight, so I walked around and took some pics.  Great news was that VANOC folded under the intense public and media pressure, and last night they moved the barricade closer to the Olympic Cauldron and added a narrow gap between the fence for people to be able to take unobstructed photos.  I talked to one of the officers and he said people are now complaining that the gap in the fence it too high. 🙂  They also opened up the elevated walkway to the left of the Cauldron. This wasn’t supposed to be open until after the Olympics but I don’t think they had a choice. There is now a lineup to get up there, but it allows for great shots from above.

Took a few more shots inside the IBC. The entire wall is made of these un-even wood pieces. It is fabulous!

This NBC crew had a full Steadicam rig! For a stand-up talking head interview.  Ahh… must be nice! 🙂

I had dinner at the Media Center and stood outside the Getty Images office, where they have a huge LCD screen, that has some of todays best images. WOW!!! Those photographers are masters! Truly amazing pictures.  I spoke with one of the photographers that works for the Canadian Press, and even he said that those Getty guys are just awesome.

Then I checked out the Canon desk and asked what it was there for. Turns out both Nikon and Canon have big offices setup there and their purpose is to lend out lenses and gear for free.  Sweet!! They asked to see my badge and said that I could try out their new 70-200 IS lens.  I might just do that. 🙂  They also do full servicing of cameras there. So I will drop mine off there so they can check out a couple of ‘hot’ pixels that seem to be showing up lately.

Finished the day off with taking the sky train to Stadium station to the Canada Hockey Place and going to the Czech vs. Slovakia Hockey game with a few people from the office. It was awesome!!!

One of the Czech sports commentators, Robert Záruba.

Co-commentator, David Pospíšil.

Press area, where commentators from all the different countries do their live commentary of the game.  It is an amazing thought, at how simultaneously, all of these people, in their various languages, are sending their voice to their countries, which is broadcasting this game live, all over the world.  To see that visually on a map somehow would be fascinating.  There is a lot of signals beaming out of Vancouver these days.

The Czech TV crew watching the game.

Here are the two Czech guys, doing the live feed to Czech TV.

I walked around during the intermission and bumped into my good friends Renata and Bronco Hyrman and their boys Dominic and David.  Watched the 3rd period with them.  Awesome!

After the game, we all walked back to our hotel.


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