Posted by: janvozenilek | February 22, 2010

February 19, 2010 – Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

Day 10 –  Met Jaromir at 10am and we headed off to the IBC. We picked up our gear and had a meeting with the other guys about our day. We then headed off to the Czech House where we did two interviews.

While at the Czech House, I was approached by one of the Czech Radio reporters, Jan Pokorny, who heard about me being from Czech Republic but now living in Canada, and asked me if I would be interested in doing a 20 minute radio interview with him.  I hesitated but he did a good job convincing me it will be a piece of cake and he’d go easy on me.  So I agreed and with two microphones in one of the smaller ballrooms, he went on to ask me about everything from what it was like when we first emigrated here from the Czech Republic, to having any bear encounters… to whether Czech people still drink beer here.  It was humorous in some ways but nerve racking in others. My biggest challenge was to be able to express my self and explain what I was trying to say, with my, what is now, a limited Czech vocabulary.  Yes, I speak it ‘fluently’, but the odd word that doesn’t get used much, is now forgotten.  But I survived and hopefully he edited it somehow, to make it sound a little better, and make me sounds some what intelligent. 🙂  They also asked me to send them some photos as well that they could include on their website.

We then delivered the disk to the IBC and then were sent to the Canada Hockey Place to go shoot footage of fans outside the building. Finding parking was quite frustrating as the streets were so busy and it took way longer to get there through the traffic than we expected.   We shot a few stand-up interviews with some fans, including my sister Michaela and her husband Bryan, who were coming to tonight’s game.  They were all dressed in their Czech jerseys and looked great.

Where is Waldo?

We then watched the hockey game, Czech vs. Latvia. Final score 5 to 2.  During the game I was shooting some footage of the crows and fans waving lots of Czech flags.  For the third period I went and sat with Michaela and Bryan.  It was fabulous.

Close-up of the goalie cam.  It’s quite the fisheye!

Tonight’s Czech commentators David Pospisil and Michal Dusík.

And the crew watching the game.

Afterwards I took some photos of the guys and then handed my camera off to Jaromir to take back to the hotel.

Michaela, Bryan and I then walked to the west end and found a little quite Chinese Restaurant and shared a couple of dishes.  It was fun. The city tonight was the busiest I’ve ever seen. Absolutely packed with people in every direction. It was wild!  There were also lots of Czech fans too.

Wrapped it up at about 10 and got cought up on the blog.



  1. Love your details, Jan. And, so glad your Czech team won their game, Jan! Yes, it’s quite the time in Vancouver, and while I’m glad to be reading what you have to say, I am sure glad to be elsewhere right now… The coverage seems pretty excellent, and I don’t feel left out at all…
    H, Lorna

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