Posted by: janvozenilek | February 22, 2010

February 20, 2010 – Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

Day 11 – Left at 8am and headed to the IBC.  Then to the Czech House for one interview with a downhill skier.  Then we were waiting for one more athlete all afternoon, and in the end he never ended up showing up.  So at least I had time to get caught up on the blog.

A new batch of people from the Czech Republic arrived there today. Many of them replacing the people that were already here.  Members of the Olympic Committee, VIP’s, sponsor staff etc.  One of the people that also arrived was Ota Cerny, who is another senior guy at Czech TV. He is the main sports manager, and is an older gentleman… warm, friendly and funny when I was introduced to him.  He mentioned that he heard my radio interview in Prague. Yikes!

Dropped the disk off with one of the guys from the IBC.  He came out onto the street to meet us again. Traffic was so bad through Gastown, that I ended up getting out of the car and walking it down to him. It was absolute gridlock and people everywhere.

Great evening light on the Harbour Center

Jaromir dropped me off at the hotel. Caught an amazing sunset out there tonight.

I uploaded a bunch of photos and footage from the last few days and later in the evening met up with my friend Steve Cunningham. We had sushi across the street from the hotel and then went for a walk downtown. The streets were absolutely packed with people. Granville Street, from West Georgia, all the way to the Granville Street bridge, was full of people. It was amazing. We asked a couple of the police officers how it’s been and they said that considering how many people are down there, they have been very well behaved and there has only been a couple rowdies that have been arrested for public drunkenness.

We went down to see the Cauldron and then through Coal Harbour back to the west end.  We then took a drive around Stanley Park. The view from Brockton Point is amazing.  Will come back there for some photos next week.

Here are  few more pics of one of the recent security stops.  In the sunny weather, they now do the checks outside, and we’ve noticed they aren’t as thorough as they were are the start.

And this was an interesting sign. This is on the front door of a school, which is right next door to our hotel.



  1. Wow, that is a bizzare sign. Wonder what the reasoning for that is!!
    Nice pics of the sun set!!!
    I hurt my finger at work so I might be able to visit during the day. Call me this evening at home.

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