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February 21, 2010 – Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

Day 12 – Met Jaromir at 10 and headed to Canada Hockey Place for the Czech Republic vs. Russia hockey game.  I was shooting Czech fans arriving in front of the venue.  Everyone was in a fabulous mood and some people went full out with their faces painted, wearing big wigs.. at was awesome!

On our way into the venue, we noticed these signs all over the place.  Turns out that for a high demand event, even the media folk need to obtain tickets ahead of time.

We made it inside and sat in the ‘broadcast observer’ seats, which are there for newspaper editors, radio announcers and… observers like us.  As soon as we sat down, a gentleman from CTV came up to us and in a bit of  stern voice let us know that ‘he’ is sitting this spot for the next game, which was the Canada vs. USA game.  We found his approach rather funny… the seats are first come first serve… so perhaps come earlier next time! 🙂   He stood there behind us the whole game and during the 2nd intermission even put his bag under the table to ‘really’ make sure it was his.

More shots of these fabulous lenses!

The ‘not so reliable’ Olympia.

One of the media guys commentating the game on Twitter.

Each intermission, they bring around these stats sheets with all the details of the game up that point.

Lots of Czech fans in the audience.

And here are a couple of youtube video clips of the crowds. (this footage is from the previous Czech vs. Latvia game)  I shot these clips with my Canon 5dm2 with a 100-400 is lens.  I finally setup a YouTube account for these clips.  More clips coming…

The game didn’t go as well as the Czechs had hoped, but it was a good game.  Right after we rushed down to the mixed zone, where we shot interviews with a few of the players, including one of the Russian players.  The last guy we interviewed was Jaromir Jagr and he looked pretty beat up.  He took that massive hit during the game and it actually cracked his helmet.

Michal Dusík interviewing Patrik Eliáš.

Interviewing Jaromir Jagr.

My friend Milan Vana came to this game and we briefly talked on the phone during the intermission.  He was able to get a ticket for $88 from one of the scalpers out front.  The folks next to him paid $350!  He also asked how much the tickets were for the next game, Canada vs. USA and they were going for $1000!

We rushed back to the car and drop to the IBC, where I once again due to traffic hopped out of the car and went to meet Zdenek, one of the techs from the office, to give him the disk.  I waited for him for a few minutes and while there, a little girl maybe 10 years old and her mom came up and asked if they can take a picture of the back of my jacket. It was so sweet. Then they asked what was on the disk I was holding in my hand.  So I explained to them that on there is the Czech Hockey team interviews from this game that just happened and that in a few minutes it will get sent to Prague, and they thought it was just so cool. They asked to even take a picture of the disk. 🙂

We then headed to the Czech House, and as previously, it was neat to see the footage we had just shot an hour earlier, already be airing on the Czech TV.

We then shot two interviews with players from the hockey team, Tomáš Plekanec and Patrik Eliáš.   Then we watched the Czech vs. USA game there. That didn’t go so good either. What a day! 🙂

We had dinner there and afterwards Jaromir asked if I can drive some of the people home, as he had to stay there to meet up with one of the other camera crews.  I was a bit nervous as I had the three of the top bosses from Czech TV that are here, and one of their wives in the car. Pretty precious cargo.  Had a great conversation in the car. They asked about some of the other projects I recently worked on and I shared with them about my Midway Island trip. It was the same reaction as always… we had no idea!

I dropped them off at the hotel, parked the car and headed upstairs to get my camera gear so I could go out and take some evening photos. But after hopping on email for a while and sitting down, I just didn’t have the energy.  Did some editing and worked on the blog.


And here is some of the video footage I shot during the protest on February 13th.


— Photos from this protest can be viewed here


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