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February 23, 2010 – Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

Day 14 – Left at 9 and headed to IBC to pick up some things.  As we were going in, we noticed all these people everywhere and once we got closer, realized that it was the RCMP Musical Ride horse show. They were all going past the IBC and into the area where the Olympic Cauldron is. I am not quite sure what they were going to be doing there and unfortunately we didn’t have the time to stick around and be able to watch it. Their regular performance has been happening in Surrey where they setup a huge tent for their daily performances during the Olympics.

Camera on the back of a golf cart, riding along side the horses.

Some more photos of the area near Canada Place and the IBC.

This building right across the street from the IBC has a neat water mist feature. Will be nice in the summertime.

One of the various sings around town, directing people to the different venues. ROO is the Richmond Oval. UBC is the Thunderbird Stadium. The rest I have no idea.

Perhaps Tom Brokaw’s car?

Then we headed off to the Czech House, where we did two interviews.   Here are a few more shots inside the Czech House.

Two water bomber planes were circling over the PNE area for about 15 minutes. We could see them out our window, but couldn’t quite figure out what they were up to.

Jaromir then left right away to drive the disk to the IBC and as he was leaving, my parents Jan and Anna came to visit.  It was great to see them and for me to be able to show them around a bit and show them what I’ve been doing.

As they were leaving, one of my interviews from the previous day was on Czech TV. It was the one with Patrik Elias, the captain of the Czech hockey team.

A photo with the crew.

And with Standa, a friend from the Czech Theater.

After wards we drove to the Pacific Colosseum.

Security check point.

NBC broadcast trailers. It’s amazing to think that this sort of setup and often bigger, is at every single Olympics venue. That’s a lot of equipment. This venue, for example, has 22 live cameras inside, all feeding their signals into these rigs, that contain the live switching rooms, slow motion playback systems etc.

A tunnel connecting the Pacific Colosseum with the Media center.

The Media center

We then did an interview with a Karol Divin, who won a silver medal in figure skating at the 1960 Olympic Winter Games in Squaw Valley California.

A photo of Miroslav Langer with Karol Divin.

A view of downtown tonight.

We then drove the the IBC to drop off the disk and headed to the Czech Republic vs. Latvia hockey game at the Thunderbird Arena at UBC. This is a much smaller venue than Canada Hockey Place, or as we normally know it as GM Place.  (sorry VANOC)!  This venue has 25 cameras.

David Pospíšil and Michal Dusík, commentators for the game.

Entrance to the Mixed Zone. Kino Flo lights are used all along this area.

A colleague, Martin Corley operating his camera jib arm. Martin and I met a few years back at a fabulous Christmas concert at UBC’s Chan Center.  I admired his rig and he let me give it a shot.  Since then only kept contact via email and Facebook. It was great to see him again.

I was quite surprised how many empty seats there were.

Commentator Tomáš Jílek and camera operator Pavel Křížek enjoying the game

Ota Černý and his wife Milena.

More fantastic lenses!

This Canon 800mm lens must have been the biggest one yet. Only $11,999

We then drove downtown and they dropped me off at Canada Hockey Place where the Slovakia and Norway game was already under way. I went there to look for  a couple of friends who were at that game and we wanted to see each other and say hi.  Bumped into Ray and Sue Kornelsen pretty quick.  Just an awesome couple and it was great to see them both after a long time.

And same with Mike and Tammy Rompf… great friends from many years back. It was nice to sit with them and chat a bit.

After the game we walked along False Creek to the Yaletown Skytrain station.  They went to Richmond, I took the train one stop to Granville and then walked to my hotel… in the pouring rain. 😦



  1. Wow, so many of our old friends. I hope you said Hi from me and the boys. Can’t wait to have you home, but happy to see you are experiencing a dream come true.

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