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February 24, 2010 – Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

Day 15 – Got up to the sound of a really deep sounding loud helicopter. By the time I got the camera, it was landing on Dead Man’s Island in Stanley Park, where they have one of the military bases setup for security during the games.

Then I met up with a colleague and fellow film maker Jon Ornoy for coffee this morning. He is currently working on a film called With Glowing Hearts and a few days ago Jiri Bakala and Jakub Bazant interviewed him and edited a short vignette about it.  It was great to catch up with him.

Then off to the IBC. Snapped some pics along the way.

It’s been so neat to see people from all over the world here. Most are wearing some sort of special designed clothing for the games, so they are not hard to spot. Specially when there are a few of them walking together all dressed the same.

Then off to the IBC where we met up and then went to the Czech house to pick up some folks. Then off to the Richmond Oval, where we went to watch the Gold medal performance of Martina Sablikova in the 5km race.  I was shooting footage of Czech fans arriving at the oval. First at the main entrance, which was from the north side of the building.  Then I had to walk all the way to the back of the south side to my entrance and then zig zag through the building to shoot them coming in from the other side of the security gates.  Got footage of some great fans! All dressed up, wigs, faces painted! So great to see how people are so into it!!

Some Czech folks in their matching outfits going through security.

A few of the 400 bikes brought over from the Netherlands for the games, parked outside the Oval. What a fantastic idea and program.

The heavy fortressesed Oval. There is one more fence behind this one about 2 meters behind it…. just in case…

It’s interesting to see how different the prices are between the venues. Beer at Canada Hockey place is $8. Food is more expensive too.

A few days ago I finally started going through this Brodcaster Handbook that they gave us at the beginning. It has really neat info about the details of every venue, how many cameras, their exact positions etc.   The oval has 29 cameras.

Couple of the wide cameras mounted on the trusses hanging from the ceiling.

Clara Hughes, one of the Canadian favorites was also in this race and she ended winning a Bronze medal. The energy in the room was amazing!

Then was Martina’s turn. The race was amazing and she won her 3rd medal at the 2010 games, a record for any Czech Athlete. Two golds and a bronze. And this is a girl that doesn’t even have a speedskating oval to practice on in the Czech Republic.  Her training has been mostly on frozen lakes in the country side.  Absolutely amazing!

Lots of Czech fans in the room cheering her on.

When she was going around the oval after wards with her coach Petr Novak waving at everyone, she all of a sudden had to sit down and take off her skates. Her legs were completely cramping up.

Here is a link to the 2010 website with some extra photos.

The Dutch team also had a great representation and lots of fans.

During the race, I was sitting behind one of the photographers and editors from Associated Press. It was neat to see him work and edit the photos on the fly, as they were being wirelessly sent to him by his photographers that were down near the ice surface.  Nowadays, with these digital cameras, it almost seems as if it’s no longer about the best image (because with all those cameras and giant lenses, there are lots of good ones)  but how fast one can get it out there into the photo pools where they are then purchased by agencies from around the world.

Clara Hughes getting interviewed by CTV.

We then went to the mixed zone where Martina was stopped by every single camera crew. The mixed zone is setup in the parking garage of the oval.  We had the other Czech camera crew there, so they shot the interview with her.

Jaromir and Ota.

Pavel Krizek

Headed back to the hotel for a bit where there was a beautiful sunset as the sun was peeking through the storm clouds.

During this time, the Russia vs. Canada game was on. I could hear the cheering and screaming from outside my hotel room. When I had a closer look, it was just awesome to see how many turned on TV sets I could find…. everyone watching the same thing. All these shots were taken from my balcony.

Then we drove to the IBC to drop the disk off and ended the evening by going to the Czech vs. Finland game at UBC.   The Czech team lost so that was it for their Olympic hopes.

The goalie cam, made by a company called Robo Cam, right here in Burnaby.

One of the things that is very noticable at all the venues, is that last of any corporate advertising. Inside any of the stadiums, all one can see is all the Olympic logos, but no other corporate branding whatsover.  That stuff is all buried a bit deeper into the complex Olympic licensing structure. 🙂



  1. Great photos Jan, and an awesome behind the scenes look at the Olympic press area! It must have been amazing to be there!

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