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February 25, 2010 – Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

Day 16 – This morning I received an email from my father in law Glen Warner, that he gave the English Bay lights a shot and sent me this link. Fantastic!!! Thanks dad!

Then I received a link to an article that was published in Penticton in the Penticton Herald paper, about my Olympics story.  John Moorehouse  from the paper had a phone interview with me yesterday. Thanks for the article John.

Then I met up with a friend and client Bob Rogers from Teck this morning. I spend a week in the Kootenays with him last summer on a shoot and had a great time. Funny, kind and warm hearted guy.  Always fabulous conversations.

During our coffee, I received a call that I need to meet up at IBC in a half hour as I’ll be taking Ota and his wife to do some sight seeing around Vancouver over lunch.   It sounded like a fun assignment.

When I got there to meet them, the plans had totally changed and site seeing was canceled.  So I went and took some more photos around.

Once the games were in full swing, each of these screens at the IBC was often airing a different live feed from all the different events. It was like being at 6 places at once!

The convention floor layout of all the different broadcaster offices (click on pic to enlarge… perhaps twice)  Our office was half way down along the far right side. CZCT

Daily results from all the events

Computer workstations to check results, schedule and anything on the Vancouver 2010 website.

MukMuk… his gloves are just awesome!!  This was Jaromir’s little guy, and we made sure that Jaromir got matching gloves too.  He has now begun his new life in the Czech Republic. 🙂

A sign describing the ‘Uni’ transfer system. I found this burried behind the IBC. Almost as if they forgot to bring it out.

It was a beautiful day out today.

One of the open-back studios of NBC. This one faced the Cauldron.

Walkway for viewing the Cauldron.

Around the Cauldron, various crews setup for interviews and broadcast.

The real ‘superstar’ news folks even had their own makeup people.

IBC food court area.

And as mentioned earlier, only plastic for sale!

View from the food court dining area.

Jaromir ‘locked-up’… like the Couldron once was.

Even a better modification to the fence… now replaced by plexi glass.

We waited around a bit and then got a call that Martina Sablikova was on her way over for a photo shoot at the Cauldron.  The folks in our office had to quickly scramble to get her and the photographer a day pass into the IBC, so that they could get closer to the Cauldron for the photos.

Once they arrived, we went out and shot behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot. It was fabulous. The most memorable part for me was when the little kids from behind the fence, asked if they could touch her medal. To see their faces light up, the smiles… from everyone there was just amazing!  It’s pretty rare for one athlete to win three medals at one Olympic games, so that made it even that much more special for everyone there.

We had to get permission from these officers to let us past the short barricade fence so that we could get closer to the Cauldron.

Martina arrived and took some of her own photos.

Unwrapping her gold!

Packing them safely away.

Vladimir Drbohlav

As I was shooting, all of a sudden I noticed the picture getting quite a bit out of focus when I was zoomed all the way back. I tried to correct it but it kept being fuzzy. I then had a closer look at the lens and wanted to check if perhaps the macro button was moved a bit. All of a sudden, the lens detached from the camera and for a second my heart stopped!  The two pieces fell apart and I just barely caught it as it was falling off my shoulder.   I almost had a heart attack.  The camera alone costs about $35,000. I am not sure how much the lens is but probably another 10.  It really was a close call.

Zdenek, one of the techs from the office was there and he had a look at it and tightened it all up again and fixed the focus.

After the photo shoot, I received a text from my friend Lionel that he was near the Couldron and if I am around.  Timing was perfect so I was able to meet him his wife Sue and their friends out front and visit for a few minutes.  And the timing got even better when Martina Sablikova happened to be out front at the same time so we were able to snap a quick picture.

Lionel has been very busy working at BC Place setting up for the closing ceremonies. Turns out there are 48 projectors up in the ceiling that are perfectly lined up to project onto the floor. Amazing!

Then I went and browsed at the many people in front of the IBC, that were there trading their pins. I had no idea this pin trading was such a big thing at these games, but it sure is.

We then headed to the Czech House and did four interviews back to back. Couple of which were with Martina and her coach.

We then all took turns taking pics with her medal. It was just amazing!! It is so heavy!!

Jaromir Bauer

Rudolf Pop

Afterwards I noticed that the guys were having them sign a t-shirt. It was a total surprise when they left, and the guys came up and gave the shirt to me and said that the shirt was a small gift from them. So awesome. Thank you Jaromir and Miro!  I guess I won’t be washing that shirt anytime soon! 🙂

That evening they had quite the party there.  Martina was once again awarded flowers and there were tons of people there to cheer her on and thank her.

They cracked open the Golden Keg of Pilsner. Quite the event. We all had a pint and it was great!   While the party was going on, I took down and packed up our set… packed up all the lights, the camera, tripod… it was quite sad to see it go! Afterall, we had spent a lot of time at this place over the past couple of weeks.

We then  left pretty quick and headed back to the hotel.  I then worked on the blog for a bit and then later that evening headed to Stanley Park and drove to Brockton Point, where I took some photos. It was amazing!

The three cruise ships docked at Ballantyne Pier. All three were rented for the Olympics and this is where all the Police officers stayed.  They came from all over the country. We saw officers with badges on their shoulders from Toronto and Montreal. They were apparently from all of Canada.

Lions Gate Bridge, with the glow of the Olympic lights at Cypress Mountain in the background.

And I made an error the other day, when I mentioned that this 800mm Canon lens costs $12,000. Today I talked with a local photography store where I buy some of my gear and they told me that this lens actually costs $15,000!! WOW… one day! 🙂



  1. Hey Jan.
    You did a super job and I’m truly sorry that I couldn’t be walking with you at times but these pics gave a great commentary. Thanks so much.
    I have been spending the week with Danny Brooks from Toronto (check out his web page). 2 gigs last nite, 1 more in the us tonite, 1 in Vanc and then 1 in Chilliwack.
    Busy time.

  2. Zdravím Vás, Honzo! smekám před Vaší prací a prací, kterou ČT odvedla při vysílání z her ve Vancouveru. Vidět Sáblíkovou rozbalovat medaile a stát tak blízko ní… to musel být zážitek…

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