Posted by: janvozenilek | June 26, 2010

Midway Island new gear test – Kessler Cineslider

I’ve spend most of my past week prepping for the upcoming trip back to Midway Island in the North Pacific.  We are returning for a second time, to continue work with Chris Jordan on the Midway Journey project.  This time, I’ve been very fortunate that the folks that fly the charter plane from Honolulu to Midway made a concession and doubled my weight limit from the typical 50 pounds, to 100.  I begged and pleaded as I really wanted to bring more gear and equipment on this trip.   It was such great news when that email came!!

So this time around, in addition to the HDV camera and SteadicamJR I brought last time, I am bringing a Canon 5DM2, along with some awesome new gear.  One of those items is the Kessler Cineslider

It arrived last week and I am blown away by the quality of the design of this thing.  With the added electraDRIVE motor and Oracle controller, the movement is truly amazing.  It has a timelapse feature built in as well, so it can run for all night and create absolutely stunning night-time sky shots.  I can’t wait to use it out on Midway next week.  With virtually zero light pollution, the shots we get should be pretty amazing.

Here is the first test shoot video:



  1. JAN! What magic you have that you’ve somehow managed to strike right at my heart with this EPIC, – and yes, I say EPIC – short film of wee little flowers in the grass. I am moved.

    The only word I can find to describe this, is “pure.” The light, the truth of the wee flowers….oh, it’s brilliant!

    So on a technical note – I think your cineslider thing-a-ma-bob is a most excellent addition to your talent!

    with gratitude,

  2. Fascinating, Jan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Backlighting on clover has never been so amazing as this… And, add the music, and it’s well, over the top.

    good job, Jan…

    Hugs, Lorna

  3. Thank you so much Lorna and Hollie!!!

  4. WOW back to Midway. Lucky YOU.
    I was there for 1 year in 1967. Crash Crew (Fire Dept) Always wanted to go back.
    We have a Midway site with guys like me. We get together once in a while up here in Washington State.

    Have fun with the Goonies. Tom Armstrong

  5. What shines in this video is not a new piece of gear, but your artistic sensitivity, and your talent.

    I can’t wait to see the images you will capture on Midway.


  6. I agree with Manuel you not only have a good eye but a solid sense of the sublime!!
    Am keeping up with your adventures on Midway! 🙂

  7. I spent some time on Midway and over the years saw allot of Midway and Goodie’s pictures. But your pictures and video’s have to be the best ever. The angles, color just the work behind each shot is GREAT.
    Tom Armstrong

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