Posted by: janvozenilek | March 26, 2011

Midway Island – Midway Journey III expedition

With much excitement and anticipation, our team has returned to Midway Island for the third time.

In addition to Chris Jordan’s ongoing photographic work on the island, we are all collaborating in the creation of a documentary film about our experience, that we hope will bring the message of beauty and renewal to an audience of millions of people around the world.

Following the devastating earthquake in Japan last week, Midway was consequently hit with a tsunami, which killed over 110,000 albatross chicks and many other species of birds on the island. We’ve had the unique, unprecedented opportunity to witness the aftermath of this first hand.

The first few days of our trip have been full of wonder and surprise. The island is currently covered with hundreds of thousands baby Albatross chicks. They are these adorable little fluff-balls, covered in brown down feathers.

We’ve been busy filming from sunrise to sunset and the island has presented us with amazing pictures and experiences so far.

We’ve had another fabulous photographer, Kris Krug join us on this trip, and he’s been very busy taking tons of amazing behind the scenes shots. All these photos can be found on our Midway Journey Facebook page.

Also joining us on this trip is a grade 11 student from Penticton Secondary School, Emily Chartrand. Please check out her amazing blog


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